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Safe drinking water is important to everyone and everybody deserves clean, safe water. However, for many, this is not the case. Is your water safe? Although organic chemicals such as pesticides may get more attention, the most common drinking water contaminates that pose a threat to human health are Nitrate and Coliform bacteria. Twin City Water Clinic, Inc., with state-of-art analytical testing facilities can help.

Water contamination can have a negative affect on the health of you and your family. The effects may be immediate or long term. A USGS survey found that 70% of private wells were contaminated. EPA recommends that you test for a minimum of coliform bacteria, nitrate, arsenic and lead.

Any private well should be tested annually to assure the continuation of safe drinking water. Twin City Water Clinic in accordance with the Minnesota Department of Health and the EPA recommends the testing of Coliform bacteria and Nitrates on a yearly basis. Lead and Arsenic may also be recommended depending on your individual situation.

Coliform bacteria, Nitrates, Arsenic and Lead are colorless and tasteless leaving it impossible for the well owner to know if these levels exist without the testing of the water itself.

Even though all of these things are colorless or tastless, they do have major health effects to those whom consume this water. Ranging from several types of cancers and issues with many other internal organs. Severity is based on many factors, some of which include time of consumption, individual immune systems and concentrations.

EPA approved and MDH state certified. Our professionally trained laboratory technicians are committed to provide you fast, accurate test results.

We provide accurate and complete testing for Coliform bacteria (Total/Fecal), Nitrate, Lead and Arsenic. With lab supplied bottles and easy-to-follow collection instructions, Twin City Water Clinic Inc. will provide you easy to understand results. WHAT HAPPENS IF I HAVE CONTAMINATION? If this is the case, our experts can advise you of the best way to solve the problems without the conflict of interest that comes with using a lab that sells water treatment equipment.

Serving the Twin Cities since 1960, we are dedicated to provide you with the service you deserve and water that is clean and safe.

Call us today at 952-935-3556 for your water testing needs.

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